ATO Certification of Reefer Containers

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Then this course is ideal for you. Temperature controlled transport by reefer containers and trucks is an important topic in the logistics chain. Worldwide the demand for sustainable transport options grows in all parts of the cold chain. Extended knowledge on the complex subject of refrigeration helps to improve climate control and minimize food waste.
This online course will be held from 26th october till 5th november 2020.
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Organisation behind ATO certification

The ATO certification program for reefer containers is executed by the multidisciplinary research organisation Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, part of Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands). The site is merely dedicated to the ATO-certification program. Visit our website to get a general overview of our activities in the field of post-harvest technologies applied to food produces and of refrigerated transport.

Objective of ATO certification

The purpose of ATO certification of reefer containers by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is to improve the quality preservation of flower bulbs during shipment by means of classifying the suitability of reefer containers for the transportation of flower bulbs. ATO certification primarily serves the interests of flower bulb shippers, as it supports them in serving their customers optimally. For this purpose ATO certification works in closed collaboration with Anthos organisation (Dutch Royal Trade association for Nursery stock and flower bulbs).
Insurance company requires the shipment of flower bulbs within ATO-certified reefer containers.
The ATO certification of reefer container assures to the container owners the extension of their cargo volume by transporting flower bulbs.

Minimum requirements for full ATO certification

An ATO-certified reefer container with the qualification 'Suitable for all destinations' has met the following minimum requirements:

  1. Fresh air exchange of empty container (at 380V/50Hz) at least 2.6 m3/h per m3 internal container volume.
  2. Air circulation inside empty container (at 380V/50Hz) at least 40 m3/h per m3 internal container volume.
  3. Height T-bars in 40 ft. containers at least 60 mm, in 20 ft. containers at least 30 mm.
  4. Four drain holes in the corners. What will happen if a container has less than 4 drain holes?
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